Most people like to display their flat screen TV’s on the wall, but then discover the hitch – how do you hide all those cables? And what about the DVD player, digital recorder and games consoles, let alone the disc and boxes. So while new technologies are vastly improving the entertainment we enjoy at home, they are also the worst nightmare of people who value a well designed and uncluttered living space. Click here to view our gallery.

Renaissance Interiors have developed a range of clever and stylish solutions to this dilemma; furniture designed specifically for the new Plasma TV, with all the home cinema and other connections; concealing the cables and providing well-planned storage for all your media.

The concept has already been adapted to suit many of our clients’ homes across Northamptonshire. Designed and manufactured to the same high quality as all our fitted furniture, our multimedia solution can even be used to get around the issue of how to mount a heavy flat screen TV on a dry lined wall! You can see examples in our gallery – just click here.

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